How To Make Laundry Bar Soap

Posted by Manny on April 17th, 2008

laundry bar soapMaking laundry bar soap can be a good business idea. You can also make laundry soap for house hold use so you will not have to buy it in the market. Below is the procedure on making the laundry soap made from coconut oil which is the main ingredient. Other materials needed can be bought from chemical stores or from ultima entrepinoy.

Materials/Ingredients (for 28 bars)

  • Coco oil – 8 kg
  • Caustic soda solution, 36oBe [30% solution] – 5 kg
  • Soda ash – 90 g
  • Salt – 48 g
  • Sodium silicate – 400 g
  • CDEA [coco diethanolamide] – 40 mL
  • Citronella oil – 20 mL
  • Water – 6 L


  • Plastic pail – 16 L cap. [2]; 20 L cap. [1]
  • Hydrometer, 0-70oBe
  • Weighing scale – 10 kg
  • Wooden stirrer/manual or electric mixer
  • Moulder
  • Cutter
  • Spatula, stainless
  • Basin (large)
  • Graduated cylinder

Preparation of Materials

  • Caustic soda solution, 36oBe (30% solution)
  • Dissolve 2 kg caustic soda in 4.6 liters water. Cool to room temperature, check the concentration with the hydrometer, adjust (if necessary) and filter if needed before using.

Dissolve salt, soda ash and sodium silicate in 1.4 L of water.

Procedure on making the Laundry Bar Soap

  1. Measure or weigh carefully the required quantity of coco oil.
  2. Weigh the lye or caustic soda solution required (5 kg) and add slowly to the oil, stirring continuously for about 30-45 minutes until it attains the condensed milk-like consistency.
  3. Add the measured amounts of dissolved additives and CDEA (foam booster) with continuous stirring from 5-10 minutes more. Then add the essential oil with stirring. Stop stirring when the mixture attains a viscosity similar to condensed milk.
  4. Pour the homogenous viscous soap mixture into the moulder, allow to set at room temperature for 12 hours or until soap solidifies.
  5. Cut the soap into bars of suitable sizes with a string or wire attached to the wooden/metal cutter. Twenty-eight (28) bars will be produced. The soap is white or creamy white. Cut bar into 4 pieces and pack in a plastic bag.
  6. Allow to age from 7 to 10 days to complete the saponification reaction.


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Posted by Manny

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49 Responses to “How To Make Laundry Bar Soap”

  1. Musa says:

    why is it that my bar soap always appears dry and kind of perforated with air particles in it? it is also very hard after the maturity (after about 5 days).

  2. kiseka says:

    Could you please teach me how to make laundry bar soap

  3. yeng navales says:

    Actually i have tried the above formula but its not so hand friendly
    (i mean it dries my hands after using)but with due respect… i suggest anyone can make a simple recipe laundry bar soap following the same procedure like the above. You can try it in small amount first then multiply it should it be successful.

    Basic Soap Recipe For Beginners

    Coconut oil 25 oz (prepared in a separate vat)
    Water 10 oz
    Lye 4.4 oz
    Soap colorant 2-5 drops (optional)
    Scent oil 1/2 tsp (citronella is most commonly used but you can try lemon, or sampaguita oil as well)

    This is a great soap recipe for beginners because it will harden relatively fast and have good lather right off.

    First. in a vat or pail or bowl, mix lye in to the water and stir well until it dissolves… of course take so much care in handling the solution. it gets hot, but as for me i let it cool.

    Pour the lye solution over the oil, and mix thoroughly until it lightly traces… then add the scent oil and the colorant. Stir again until it leaves a heavier trace. then transfer into your molder. Let the saponification begin and wait until its hard enough to cut. Then cut and let it sleep for 2 weeks… there you have your simple laundry soap.

  4. kasoma Hakim says:

    I got 1 of the recipes of making laundry bar soap but what is confusing me is: (caustic soda 360Be) explain to me what u meant by that.

  5. dingdong says:

    hi gud day! im from south cotabato province and im interested on having a soap business and other small business that has a smaller amount of investment ranging from 10,000-30,000 starting capital

    i just want to solicit your assistance for me to start my first business.
    i am very interested especially on the soap making business. could you possibly assist us to start it right away? thanks and best regards

  6. Hello! Can you tell us the use of salt in making laundry soap bar?

  7. messi says:

    i want to know the material osed for perfumed laundary soap. 10q

  8. hapi says:

    how can i make a wooden moulder that will contain 4 bars of soap, how to make stamp of a soap and where can i get this materials here in nigeria?

  9. david walumbe wafula says:

    Hi. I am from Kenya, Africa. I am interest to make laundry bar soap and white in co-lour. What are the ingredients. How can l make lard at home? Looking forward for your reply.

  10. Adebayo Afeez says:

    Sir is there any other general name for EDTA and Citronella oil for instanc like CDEA which is called foam boaster.

  11. Adebayo Afeez says:

    Pls sir, in de preparation of laundry bar soap, do u mean we wil use coconut oil or palm kernel oil bcos a longtime gud producer of soap was confusing me dat he has been using palm kernel oil sinc he has started his soap making bcos de first day he used coconut oil, it doesnt do wel in de soap.

  12. honey says:

    hi ,thanks for every thing but also
    i want to start a small la undry soap industry but still need more training because i want to do the best and where to get the raw materials from.

  13. Adebayo Afeez says:

    pls hw can i prepare moulder? Also lik hw much can i use as smal scale capital in dis soap business.

  14. Manuel says:

    @marlou amoguis gilbuena
    I think you can use coconut based cooking oil because it is already deodorized and doesn’t have the coconut smell and taste like virgin coconut oil.

  15. Catherine says:

    Thnk you for info , I leave in Africa where by some of this product can be found, as I’m interested on this business what should I do, want to start making soap.

  16. marlou amoguis gilbuena says:

    Hello Sir Manuel,
    I am one of those interested in making the laundry soap business,I am just curious about the main ingredients which is coco oil. I would like to know if these ingredients is also available in chemical stores or we will be the one to extract this from coconut milk? or is it okay to use the oil for cooking? I hope you can help me… Thank you very much!

    Respetfully yours,

  17. Solo says:

    First of all thank u in advance for ur kind help, and my first qusion is pleas tell me how to make a moulder from wood at least i need to mould 50 bar of soaps at once, and also tell me how to make the stamp of the soap, my second qusion is in making the soap can i use palm oil soap instead of coco nut oil, my third qusion is what other simpl things can i add instead of soda ash, sodium silicat and diethanol and citronella oil b/c it is expensive and difficult to find here in my country. Hope to hear from u.

  18. Solo says:

    First of all thank u in advance for ur kind help, and my first qusion is pleas tell me how to make a moulder from wood at least i need to mould 50 bar of soaps at once, and also tell me how to make the stamp of the soap, my second qusion is in making the soap can i use palm oil soap instead of coco nut oil, my third qusion is what other simpl things can i add instead of soda ash, sodium silicat and diethanol. Hope to hear from u.

  19. shabeer says:

    hello, i would like to know the advance technology for detergent bar making.

  20. blessing says:

    am new in soap making and l want to understand something about the soap, like the fels napthe is it a chemical or a bar soap you have to grate first before you use it. please help.

  21. Sogomi says:

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  22. i just want to ask where i can buy those materials and chemicals because i really need it…meron bang bilihan dito niyan…in alabang…???

  23. mudivu elias says:

    dear members,

    I wish so much to start up this soap making its been my dream,bt due to funds I cant start it up bt currently am studing production management and I wish to go to soap companies to broden my soap knowladge.
    Please need yo help from zambia.

  24. Elijah goga says:

    Hi. I am from kenya, Africa. I am interest to make laundry bar soap and white in colour. What are the ingredients. How can l make lard at home? Looking forward for your reply.

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