How to Make Malunggay Shampoo

Posted by Manny on July 1st, 2007

malunggay shampooThis morning Kabuhayang Swak na Swak featured a procedure on how to make a malunggay shampoo. It was demonstrated by Dr. Alvin Matulac of A.R.M. Skin Essentials. The company now has 100 different kinds of shampoo according to him and also offer free seminar to those interested. You can see the info and the actual demo on a video on Youtube below.

The only problem is there is no measurement available when preparing the shampoo. This is just an overview and it will be better to go to their seminar and contact A.R.M. Skin Essentials.

To make the shampoo, first prepare the materials needed for the mixture:

  • SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate)
  • Deionized Water or Distilled Water

Raw Materials For Hair Softener:

  • Dehyquart
  • Polyquarterium

Raw Materials For Fragrance:

  • Preservative
  • Malunggay Extract
  • Fragrance
  • Malunggay oil

Thickening agent

  • Salt

PH Adjuster for the Hair

  • Citric Acid


  1. Put the SLES and CDEA to a 1 liter of deionized water. Mix thoroughly until the mixture is well blended.
  2. Then put the Dehyquart and Polyquarterium for hair softener. Mix again. Then put the Preservative, Malunggay Extract and fragrance and malunggay oil from seeds.
  3. Then follow the salt to make the mixture thicker and citric acid to control the PH level. It was told that too high PH level might cause baldness. Use PH paper to see if the PH level is safe (PH6).

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Posted by Manny

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10 Responses to “How to Make Malunggay Shampoo”

  1. greta says:

    what are the nutrients of this shampoo?

  2. Good day! Maybe some of the inquirer here want also to participate in our business opportunity. You can contact me @ 0920-844-5384. Hope that this can help me & the others as well. Thank you!

  3. trix says:

    hi im trix we have an IP project and we chose this malunggay shampoo of yours. i’ll just ask if i can buy these materials to you.
    * Dehyquart
    * Polyquarterium
    -we really need these materials asap 😐 so i hope it would be possible 😐

  4. Manuel says:

    Hi Anne,
    Not sure if they supply those you mentioned. Better ask them. The contact info is in #2 comment above. Thanks for posting!

  5. anne says:

    Ask ko lng f A.R.M. is the one that supplies soaps and bath salts? can i ask also for their add… tnx

  6. Manuel says:

    Hi Kimmy,

    You can contact A.R.M. directly for the chemical supplies you mentioned. They supply the raw materials too. See my #2 comment post. Thanks for posting!

  7. kimmy says:

    In highschool we have an I.P. (Investigaroty Project). Then, We chose Malunggay Shampoo. But we have a problem we dont know how to make a Malunggay Shampoo and we can’t find
    * Dehyquart
    * Polyquarterium

    So, please help us.

    the deadline of sumittion of this project will be on OCTOBER 17, 2007

  8. Manuel says:

    Hi Mean,

    This is the info you need:

    A.R.M. Skin Essentials
    tel# 3712510 / 374-0397
    mobile # 0920-3280260

    Thanks for posting!

  9. Mary-Anne says:

    Hi! I’m Mean, resercher of GMA-7 Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

    I’m very interested to conduct an Interview with ARM Essential Doctor who made Malunggay shampoo. Kindly help me. My number is – 09166250302 / 928-5021.

    Thanks alot! Our story will be aired this coming Saturday (Sept 1) and I hope it would be possible.

    Mean de Chavez