Can an Employee be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking. It doesn’t mean that if you have a business you are already a 100% entrepreneur. Because even if you started a business and you still think like an employee, then there will be a problem for sure. But even if you are employed but think like an entrepreneur, it will not be as hard for you overcome your financial problems.

“You should not put all your eggs in one basket” so to speak. Businessmen doesn’t just rely on one kind of business, they replicate success. If they have built a successful enterprise they duplicate it by offering franchise or to venture on other kinds of business. Likewise as an employee, we should build safety nets and not totally depend on employment.

Yes, engaging in entrepreneurship is not easy and no one really knows if the venture that you are going to take will succeed or not but true entrepreneurs have equipped themselves with discipline that enable them to manage and survive.

Since the arrival of the internet technology, many entrepreneurs became successful because they have harnessed power of it which decades ago were not possible. Now with just making a website and promoting it, any business minded individual can easily market their idea or venture which before requires thousands or millions of marketing budget just to advertise a business or a product like for example placing your ads on magazines, newspapers and media.

Now with not much ado, let me introduce to you a Philippine web portal for those interested in marketing their business online. It’s the Start Your Online Business Now, Inc. which aims to help people start their own business. It’s a portal for buying and selling goods online. Anyone can register as long as you abide by their terms. You could choose free or premium when you register. One unique feature on this website is the SMS manager where members can send txt messages using the website and you can also build your own mini website.