Starting a Travel Agency Business

In the Philippines, maybe it’s only my opinion when you say travel agency, that’s it its a travel agency. I think many are interested in starting one and if you are reading and found my post now in Google or Yahoo, then perhaps you are interested too. But the fact is there are many types of travel agencies and that includes the following:

  • General Sales Agents for Foreign Travel Companies
  • Business and Commercial Travel Agencies
  • By Class
  • Cargo Travel Agencies
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Multi-Destination and Niche Agencies

So far the common travel agency we see in the Philippines that are sprouting here and there are the Business and Commercial Travel agencies. This type caters to leisure travel and business travel. Those who are well organized have a separate department for business travel and a separate one for leisure travel in order to find better deals on each one. Since our Government are promoting tourism in our country, I guess most travel agencies here specialize in leisure travel because I frequently see ads on newspapers and in malls discounted rates travelling to exotics places and amusement parks to many countries in Asia and Europe.

So if you want to start or just planning to start a travel agency, you can go here to see the business registration requirements. With todays technology many are starting a home travel agency just using a computer and internet connection.  It’s called an online travel agency so you don’t have to rent a space in malls or commercial areas. If it’s not possible to sell tickets online then a business travel agents can go to a clients house. Your home could be your own office.