Changing My Blog’s Domain Name to

Just want to inform every visitors and readers of this blog about my recent change of domain name to In case you are wondering why I made this decision, it’s because I’m now focusing on “brand name” rather than just “keyword” names on the domain. Maybe because of my knowledge of SEO I tend to focus much more on keywords rather than brand. For more than six years I tend to ignore the importance of brand in a domain name and this thinking is somehow accepted in the webmasters community because it’s rather easy to manipulate the search engines.

Domain Name

That kind of thinking has disadvantages also. Like for example, I chose the domain name but the problem is the domain is already taken by someone else so I thought putting the word “the” in my chosen domain name I can get the domain name registered because nobody have registered it yet. So I registered the domain name “”. ┬áIt did gave me some advantages but with regards to branding, that long domain name is not easy to remember. And it is also a little hard to spell the word “entrepreneur” specially if you are not very familiar with the word and if English is not your first language.

And what are keywords? for those of you who are not very familiar with the term (excuse me if you already know, I’ll just want to explain in detail to those who are not webmasters or bloggers like us), keywords are the words you type in the search box of search engines like Google and Yahoo! Webmasters and bloggers who knows SEO are like fortune tellers or forecasters. Because you must know how to predict what popular keywords that are being typed by internet surfers. But that scenario was many years ago ( 90’s ) and now there are many keyword research tools in the internet market and you don’t have to be a forecaster.

Stuffing keywords in the domain name is common practice of those who wants to rank high in the search engines but now search engines like Google is getting more sophisticated and prevents sites that manipulates search engines by keyword stuffing, link spamming and low quality sites from ranking high in the search index. So the lesson here is choose an easy to remember brand name for your domain and promote it. Thinking of a long term goal rather than a short one is better. And your website will withstand the many algorithm changes of search engines.