Easy To Make Home Made Herbal Bath Soap

There are many home made bath soap in the market today and maybe since it looks saturated it’s not easy to start a bath soap home business. And also, when you find a procedure on the internet, like what I’ve posted in the past, the ingredients seems hard to find. You have to look for a chemical store or a specialty store catering to soap making business. I also posted the suppliers in this blog and it’s up to you if you will pursue this business. Since I also wanted to try it myself, I was discouraged because I always think that it might not be successful and fear that the end product might not be what I have expected.

But thanks to my daughter’s project I was motivated to try to make a herbal soap with very limited budget. The ingredients are not hard to find if you will just want to experiment. The basic ingredient is plain soap. It should not be scented and the best candidate is plain Ivory soap or much better is plain glycerin soap. Plain glycerin soap is much harder to find because those you will find in the market are already processed with all sorts of herbal extracts and other natural ingredients to beautify skin like papaya, guava, milk, honey or oats. You have to find a supplier for that and I found one on Sulit.Com. It is commonly called “melt and pour” because you can reshape it anything you want. Maybe you can find them on other local classified ads online or offline.

I made this post so you can try and test it if you think that this is for you. It’s fun to make so maybe your kids will love to make it too. So here is the procedure:

How to Make an EZ Herbal Bath Soap

For the soap you will need:

1 pc Plain white Ivory soap or Plain Glycerin soap
A double boiler
Essential Oil for Fragrance (optional if you wish)
Soap mold (try a leche flan or gelatin mold if you can’t find one)
Rubber Spatula
Vegetable peeler or a knife
Cooking Stove
Vegetable oil
Herbal Extract

For the herbal extract You will need:

Your choice of herbs (guava, malunggay or comfrey leaves)
1/2 cup purified water for making herbal extract

How to make the herbal extract:

  • Boil the herbs using the double boiler with the 1/2 cup water for 3 minutes.
  • Then strain the concoction and set aside 1/3 cup for the soap making.

Procedure on making the soap:

  • Prepare the double boiler and put the 1/3 cup herbal extract. Then use your vegetable peeler to shave the soap until everything becomes soap shavings. If there are no peelers available, you can use your knife to cut the soap to small pieces.
  • Combine the soap with the herbal extract in the double boiler and boil until you see the soap melting. The mix the soap using your spatula until it becomes a dough-like consistency and if the herbal extract was blended to the soap. Add a little more water if it looks very dry. Also the essential oils while mixing.
  • Prepare you soap mold by coating it with vegetable oil so the soap mixture won’t stick.
  • Then if you think the color of the soap mixture is consistent, pour it over the soap mold and let it cool to harden.