Hand Made Clay Fashion Accessories and Souvenirs by Claychelicious

Something catch my attention while I was surfing the internet last two weeks and it was a website that makes and sell hand made clay fashion accessories and souvenirs .  I contacted the owner and asked her to feature her business here so I immediately. The reason why I became interested is because I was impressed on her products which were unique and the designs were very creative. I asked her a few questions so I could feature her business on my blog. To know more about her and her business, see what she has to say on her interview:

Me: What is the nature of your business Rachel?

Rachel: Claychelicious is an online store that provides one-of-a-kind handmade clay accessories and souvenirs. All items were individually handcrafted using oven baked clay and without using molds. Each item was design uniquely to each other as clients can personalize each item according to their preferences. The most hit item to the market was miniature food designs like cookie earrings, doughnut pendants, frappe cell phone charms and many more. They got amazed on how each little item was handcrafted just like the original ones. While for people looking for unique party giveaways, they find these items very nice to give on their guest. Just like for the baptismal giveaways, baby name or godparents name can be engraved on the clay that makes it very personalize. In addition, some of the items were made using mixed media like lockets, pocket watch, imported metal charms and more. You won’t find any item that is the same with each other since all items were individually handcrafted. And each piece was made with patience and labor of love.

Me: Tell me more about yourself and your business?

Rachel: I’m Rachel Ann Luna – Pangilinan, 25 years old, graduated at Mapua Institute of Technology with a degree of Information Technology and a full time SAP Basis Analyst in a respective global company is the clay crafter behind Claychelicious. Claying is one of my past time and turned side line business with all support from my family and friends. Since I was young I love doing arts and crafts. Unlike other kids who love to play outside, most of my times were spent doing sketches, designing doll clothes, doing crochet and cross-stitch, and this passion help me to land on this kind of business. A business that I love to work! Oops, aside from my job and business, I’m proud to say that I’m a loving Mommy to a 1 year old baby girl, Yhuri and wifey to Wilbert.

Me: How did you start your business?

Rachel: As far as I remember, my start-up capital was not more than Php5,000., since I was just starting and trying to do assessment with this kind of business. During that time my biggest investment was my electric oven where I bake my polymer clay which cost Php900 in an appliance center and the clay bars (Php85/bar/color) which I individually mold using my bare hands. While my Mom and sister help me to find cheap supplies for different accessory findings in Quiapo and Divisoria.

Me: How long is the ROI (Return of Investment)?

Rachel: Because most the people who see my products were amazed on how these clay items were made, they sell like hot cakes so the return of investment is short, approximately after one month. I started selling my items to my family, friends and colleagues. And through them I able to got other clients. Some blogged their feedback and recommendations online which help my business grow and are known to different people.

Me: What is your advise to other budding or starting entrepreneurs?

Rachel: To be able to become successful on your business, always give 100% in everything that you do. Love what you’re doing instead of complaining. Bring out the best in you and make the most of the talent God has given you. And lastly, always be thankful for the blessing that you receive.

Contact Info:
Rachel Ann Luna – Pangilinan
Website: www.claychelicious.multiply.com
Email: [email protected]

To see some of her creations, look below: