Top Ten Social Networking Sites Used in the Philippines

Social networking sites was a big hit not only in the U.S. but specially here in the Philippines. Filipinos really love to socialize so even online most of us can’t hide that fact. Just after friendster when we became the second largest number of users, facebook came into scene and now we rank among the top ten users all over the world. In fact even with that large numbers of users, many Filipinos still can’t afford to have an internet access and many homes don’t have internet access. The only way those users can access if they don’t have their own computers is going to internet cafe.

But thanks to mobile internet technology, many who can’t afford computers can surf the internet by using their mobile phones. And mobile phones that can access the internet using Wifi or 3G (not the old GPRS) are not confined to those branded and expensive ones like iPhone and Blackberry. Many cheap mobile phones in the market already have Android operating systems that can match expensive ones. Also, most telecommunication companies endorse social networking sites like facebook, twitter and youtube  by offering free access or discount rates. So what does it mean to your business? it means you should include social networking sites in your marketing strategies. And not only the well known facebook or twitter but other social networking sites that Filipinos usually spend their time.

So here is the list I found in WikiPilipinas of the Top ten social networking sites in the Philippines in 2010:

  1. Facebook – the number one social networking site in the world.
  2. Youtube – the number one video sharing site in the world.
  3. Blogger – a free blogging platform for bloggers.
  4. Twitter – number one micro blogging website.
  5. Multiply – a popular online shopping  destination of Filipinos and for creating e-stores.
  6. Friendster – in the past, it’s the number one social networking site among Filipinos.
  7. Tumblr – another blogging platform that became popular in the Philippines.
  8. Plurk – another microblogging site with innovative features.
  9. Flickr – a social networking site for photographers.
  10. Linkedin – a social networking site for professionals.