Why Choose a Food Cart Business?

Posted by Manny on June 21st, 2007

food cart bizFood cart business offers the most portable type of food service. Since all the things needed for your business are in the cart. For example, the cooking utensils and equipment, cashier and the items you sell. There are many types of food cart businesses you can think of like pearl shakes, fruit shakes, nachos, siomai, baked good, fish ball, squid ball or rice in a box. The popularity of this type of business makes 1 billion pesos of sales every year.

But before you plan to start this type of business, you should first consider the location and the type of product you are selling for that location. It is important that the location should have high foot traffic. This is very obvious because how will sell you product if there is no one around? But even though there are lots of people passing doesn’t mean that you will already have a large amount of sale. For example, if you put your cart near the MRT or any public transport area people are always in a hurry to get to their destination and does not notice things around them very much.

Secondly, the type of food product you are selling. If you are selling outdoors specially near a public transport, foods that are exposed often make people turned off because they think that the foods are contaminated with dust or smoke. So, packaged food is ideal when selling outdoors. If you are selling indoors like inside malls or schools, people want to see their food prepared. So if are planning to start one, there are many food cart francises available that you can start with a capital ranging from Php 30,000 up to php 300,00.

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Posted by Manny

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6 Responses to “Why Choose a Food Cart Business?”

  1. Jaypei says:

    im interested about ur cart.can i have some contact numbers or email add of urs?thank you!!

  2. Icescramble business TRY MO….our foodcart micro package is 38888 pesos only or our Queen package all in 88888pesos , easy to operate, no franchise fee and no royalty fees…globe09278939010

    website foodcartconsultant.com

    “We will guide ,train and advise you on, How to start your own foodcart business, we are not a franchising company”

  3. jasmin says:


    I am just here to offer you an affordable business. I’ve read your post that you are now searching a business. I am Ms. Jasmin C. Lorica a franchise consultant from FILTREPRENEUR FRANCHISE INC., offering you a food cart business in a very low price, for as low as P21, 888 you can now operate your very own food cart business. There are a lot of concepts you can choose from. One of our best seller concepts is Pinoy Pao because in one cart you have two products to sell, a different varieties of siopao and siomai. If you’re interested you can contact me at 09161035006 to assist you at our office and also for more inquiries. Our office is located at 33 Annapolis St. Greenhills San juan metro manila. You can check out the file attached here in this email so that you can choose your business concept.

    I’ll expect for your response. Thank you and GODBLESS!


  4. Manuel says:

    @Nenita Henderson
    I think you should contact the Philippine Franchise Association to guide you on your venture. This is their site: http://www.pfa.org.ph/

    Also, they advise the public to deal with franchisors who are members of PFA (Philippine Franchise Association) so they can reprimand them in case of violations or scam.

  5. Nenita Henderson says:

    Hi Manuel , For now i want to start the cart business , where can i get the information about cart business and the people i need to contact regarding this . Thank you for you assistance.

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