Business Opportunity for Internet Cafe

So you really want an internet cafe? If the answer is yes, do you know the Philippines has low telephone density and computer count and few subscribers that is why internet cafes are sprouting everywhere. Filipinos are now
aware of the importance of internet like email, chatting or just for gaming. But few have access or have a computer at home so there is a good opportunity for this business. But not every internet café business are very successful due to the fact of setting up on the wrong location. Remember the other topic I’ve discussed on ‘Location or Information, Which is More Important?’

Anyway there are business packages in myDSL which you can try. The convenience of not setting up the network and internet connection yourself, the computers are already installed with software and hardware are already complete. Sign board is already there and the logo or brand name. Very similar to franchising. You can also try franchising to some known or popular internet cafes like Netopia. Some say that “This business almost runs by itself.”

But if you like free enterprise, and you want to do it on your own, then the following pointers is what you must consider:

1) Capital: to be profitable, you need at least php500,000 it all depends and this amount is also similar to franchising. Setting up in a heavy foot traffic like in malls is the best but renting is costly so try to find a better place like near universities.

2) Equipment and Supplies: Shop around to get the best prices or computers and peripherals. You need computers, pheriperals like modem or network hub, computer tables and chairs, internet connections, air-conditioning units. Buying second hand computers to save is an option but since computers are cheap these days and you can start on the very low cost packages. And also if you want to have gaming in your café, new computers are needed. Just to give you an idea, you can start with computers with these specs:

PROCESSOR: AMD Sempron 2800 64Bit (Socket 754) 1600Mhz
HARD DISK: 80 GB 7200)
MONITOR: 15″ or 17″

3) Utilities: Budget should be considered for electricity, water bills, internet subscription, telephone bills, and computer repair.

4) Staff: You need a manager, cashier and technicians. Depending on how big you want to start. But you can be your own manager if it’s not very big.

5) Permit: Register with the DTI ( Department of Trade and Industry ) for single proprietorship and with SEC (Security and Exchange Commision ) if your business is a corporation. Mayor’s permit and zoning permit is also required and since this is categorized as recreational facility a 200 meter distance from schools should be a rule to follow.