Conquering Fear on Starting a Business

Dreaming on starting a business? Do you fantasize of having a successful enterprise? You also desire that your business can produce extra earnings for you, so that you can quit your job and become free financially. But you halted there, you failed to jump on that leap of faith, a large rock is in your heart pulling you back. You are fearful. Afraid of failure and skepticism keeps humming over your head whenever you want to gamble out. You are anxious about nonsuccess, how to survive, anxiety etc. Unless you cast out fear it will never end.

Shocked Businessman

How will you cast out this fear? For you to progress ahead towards your dream, removing of this fear is essential. Foremost let us talk about where does fear of failure was derived. It originates when you were in still school. When you didn’t do well in school what happens? Maybe they call you a failure, or place you with children who were not very good? And your classmates start laughing at you? This entire thought of fear comes from a place called schools, where student should learn but unluckily, we learn fear as well.

Do you know the abbreviation of FEAR? It means False Evidence Appearing Real. It is unfavorable things you speak to yourself even though it is not happening. Your mind begins asking “What if…” What if I flunk, what if I squandered all my savings, what if my love ones abandon me? Those are lies; it’s your though that is tricking you. Your reasoning is deeply reprogrammed on not making errors or avoiding mistakes.

When you want to start a business you need guts. To overcome the fear in you it takes courage. It takes courage to rouse your awareness about this fear. This fear will immobilize you, control you and stop you from venturing on a business.

Primarily, recognize that it’s your FEAR. Perceive clearly that it is your mind holding you back from becoming successful. It’s just a conditioning from your youth; you won’t feel bad even if you create mistakes. By making mistakes people learn. Blunder and defeat do mean something if we just put meaning into it. In actuality, there is no such thing as failures, only lessons.

The next time your mind is playing tricks on you, just say “thanks a lot for sharing”. Immediately take action, begin your business, and go for that venture. Going into action is the most effectual way of casting out fear. It will also help you gain experience that makes you more competent, therefore removing your fear.