Successful Entrepreneur’s Many Characteristics

What shape a successful entrepreneur or a business owner? Maybe some will say creativity, others say enthusiasm, leadership or organizational skills. The range qualities that help make entrepreneurs successful from the practical to the esoteric; from learned skills to natural tendencies, or the way you think, act and behave.

Hand Touching Success

The qualities that make entrepreneurs successful often have to do with big picture skills like planning, acting and thinking strategically, or being able to create or envision something that doesn’t exist yet.

Successful entrepreneurs also tend to be able to detach themselves from what’s happening, get a bird’s eye view, in order to get a new prospective and see what’s really happening and what has to be done.

Here (in no particular order) are some of the most significant entrepreneurial characteristics:

• Energy and enthusiasm.

• A passion for what you do.

• The assertiveness to push forward your ideas.

• A love of novelty and new things.

• Take initiative to do what needs to be done.

• Creativity and imagination.

• Be a self starter, make things happen on your own.

• Be able to manage your time and be productive.

• Be really good at following-through.

• Be ready for anything that comes up.

• Think positively and believe in yourself.

• The ability to make decisions.

• Not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help when needed.

• Effectiveness at persuasion.

• Problem solving skills.

• Ability to be flexible, adaptable, and creative.

• Think out of the box.

• The ability to produce results.

• Ability to take risks and do so in a calculated way.

• Enjoy the ride, if you don’t why bother?

• The ability to negotiate and compromise, not get so stuck that nothing moves forward.

• An exacting and exhaustive mentality.

• An appropriate sense of urgency.

• Resilience after Failure, not giving up when things get tough.

• Alertness to all that’s happening around you.

• Leadership: The ability to envision the future and motivate others to follow that vision.

• The ability to manage stress. If you can’t who will?

• The persistence to keep on going.

• Confidence in your ideas and yourself.

• The ability to reflect and improve,

• The ability to plan, act and think strategically.

Which entrepreneurial traits do you possess?

Which ones would you like to develop?

Whether you already have a business, or just planning to start one, you might want to consider developing your entrepreneurial skills so that you can have the business success you’re looking for.