Halloween Business Ideas

Halloween Business IdeasMost Filipinos does not celebrate Halloween because this custom originates in the Western society. What we are only aware of is All Saints Day where we remember our departed love ones. But since the celebration of Halloween is spreading throughout the world, specially to the middle and upper class of the society maybe we could also have a share in the market by having our own business ideas. The most common ideas we see in malls are those scary masks, costumes, toys, banners, candies, decorations like pumpkins for Halloween. There is a toy store in Tutuban, divisoria where you can purchase those items in a cheaper price and can also resell them if you are planning to add those items in your existing stores.

Also, I’ve found in About.Com a possible business opportunity you can try.

However, the other two on the list, Halloween costumes and decorations, provide scope to develop business opportunities, particularly opportunities that cater to a niche market.

You might, for instance, start a business:

* providing Halloween music for parties
* creating “authentic” period costumes for adults,
* providing Halloween decorating services for residential or business premises
* presenting in-house parties for children (as a substitute for trick-or-treating).

Besides Halloween parties, visiting haunted houses is another Halloween event growing in popularity. Setting up a haunted house of your own could be an expensive proposition (and a poor idea anyhow if there is another nearby), but providing tours of “haunted houses” and other spooky sites in your area could be a profitable business opportunity. Check with your local historical society or old-timers to research your area’s paranormal history; the ghost stories you discover may surprise you – and be quite profitable if you can present them in an alluring, entertaining way.

Happy Halloween!