Managing a Small Business Alone is Not as Easy as It Seems

Starting a business seems very easy, but in reality, that is not the case if you want to do it alone. The first challenge you will face is competition. Big companies invest heavily to promote their products. You can find a lot of cheap promotional products in Melbourne to help promote your business, but you might have big competitors.

Even before you build your establishment, there are also some challenges such as looking for a business location, and cleaning it up. You may have to hire rubbish removals in Melbourne before you hire some contractors to build your business establishment or office. In other words, you will need to hire people even before you actually start your business.

Today, we will look further how to help manage your business so it can prosper!

From Dreams to Reality

Many people want to leave their day job and start their own business. This is because of countless of testimonials and success stories about people getting rich out of business. There is no question that business is very promising. It is also the best alternative to a permanent job. In Melbourne, there is a growing trend that more and more young people choose to become entrepreneurs than to have a permanent job.

There is nothing wrong in entering a business. It’s the dream of many people, young and old. What makes it wrong is when this dream is far from what reality may offer. In reality, managing a small business alone is not as easy as you might have thought or expected. You’d better learn everything before you decide than to learn the hard way after.

Human Resources Concept

Administrative Tasks

When starting a business, you should anticipate the administrative tasks that it entails. Poor administration behind departments in a company can lead to breakdown and eventual failure of the entire company. You have to figure out what you will need and what you will be doing in case your business is fully operational. As an entrepreneur, you are the first administrative manager of your business. Nobody will initiate task management other than you.

On one hand, it is possible to manage and grow a small business without hiring anyone. On the other hand, this option is short-lived. Time will come that your body will surrender and resort to hiring people to help you. The way you handle administrative tasks will determine how you will manage your entire business.


Some entrepreneurs take charge of the sales operations of their business. They do not only manage a sales team, but also sell their products themselves. If this is the way you manage your small business, think twice.

Your business is not just about sales. It is true that you can grow your business by being the sole salesperson of it. However, spending too much of your time with sales will compromise the time you need to spend in some other areas of your business. You can’t be an entrepreneur and a salesperson at the same time. What you need to do is to manage a sales team and not to sell all day.


One of the most important areas in business is accounting. This is something that should always be present in whatever type of business, whether it’s small or big. You don’t have to wait for your business to grow big before you organize an accounting team. Find a bookkeeper to help you record and monitor all your transactions.

Small businesses need an accounting system. Any single error in your accounting process can be a disaster. There are plenty of software suites that allow you to monitor your business accounting systems accurately so you don’t have to.

Customer Service

This is something that you can’t do alone. Most companies have their own customer service team. This is to ensure that concerns and issues are resolved before they reach the court. Small businesses are usually run by sole proprietors. There are times that it is the owner who directly talks to customers. If this is how you manage your customer service, time will come that you can no longer manage even the simplest thing in your business.

Managing your business is more than just managing a single customer. For small businesses, you don’t need to have a large and complex call center. You can simply assign the customer service task to your existing employees and help you manage your customers. Social media can also be used to improve your customer service. For instance, you can accommodate questions from your clients. The only problem is to have people who will do all such actions


Sales and marketing are two different things. Sales are the operation in which people are looking for customers while marketing is a system in which you are looking for opportunities. This involves looking for ways to keep up with competition. It involves creating strategies to make your products and services known to your target customers.

In some cases, marketing consumes much of the time of small entrepreneurs. This is why business owners hire people whose job is focused on creating marketing campaigns and monitoring them. These people are not salespeople because marketing tasks are almost similar with administrative tasks.

Legal Matters

In starting a business, you must also be familiar with certain laws and regulations that cover your business. If you are not aware of important regulations that govern your business, you need to have a lawyer or a legal adviser.

Legal matters are things that entrepreneurs should not take for granted. Never forget that business is also a legal matter.


Can you put up a business and manage certain areas such as administration, sales, marketing, customer service, accounting and legal matters alone? No one man can run an entire organization.

Managing a small business alone is less likely to work as you have to face the facts and look at the full range of options and make the right steps to focus your energy on what’s important.


Author Bio: Sarah Williams is a business woman who is engaged in rubbish removals in Melbourne and is enjoying a state-of-the-art infrastructure. She loves to write on topics that cover home, living and morals based on her own experience and understanding.