How to Make Car Shampoo

Thanks again to Mannix for giving me this procedure on how to make car shampoo. Although this product is not for all types of consumers like the dishwashing liquid which are very common because almost everyone needs to wash their dishes, car shampoo are only useful for people who owns cars. But this could also be a good business opportunity because not only car owners but those who have car wash business needs a cheaper source of car shampoo.

Car Shampoo

Again the procedure are similar to making dishwashing liquid and liquid hand soap so this, I think, is not hard to make.

To make 14 liters of Car Shampoo


1 kg SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate)
300g Industrial Salt
50 ml Colorant
25 ml Fragrance
120 ml Moisturizer
120 ml Bubble Enhancer
150 ml Car Wax




  1. Mix SLES with 150 Grams Industrial Salt
  2. Stir until crystalized
  3. Add water gradually (Purified, Distilled)
  4. Add the Colorant
  5. Add the Scent
  6. Add Moisturizer
  7. Add Bubble Enhancer, MC Wax
  8. Leave the mix solution for at least 24 hrs. For clearing time
  9. Then pack into the bottle and sealed

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