How to Make Dishwashing Liquid

I’ve been looking for this recipe or procedure on making dishwashing liquid for a long time. Thanks again to Mannix for giving me this procedure. The ingredients mentioned below looks very similar to the other procedure he gave me which is the liquid hand soap so if you already read the previous one and tried to make one, then you will never get lost on this one.

Again this procedure will make 14 liters of dishwashing liquid and if you want to test it first, then reduce the amount according to your desired quantity. Then if you think you made a perfect or a nice dishwashing liquid, then it’s up to you to if you will mass produce it for selling or to give it to your friends as marketing strategy then afterward they might buy from you.

To make 14 ltrs. of Dishwashing Liquid


1.4 kg MC GEL
300g Industrial Salt
30 ml Colorant
30 ml Scent
120 ml BC-06 – Grease Cutter
500 ml Bubble Enhancer
15 ml Anti – Bacterial
11.6 liters Purified water
15ml Preservative (optional)




  1. Prepare 11.6liters of purified water
  2. Mix first MC Gel with 150grms of Industrial Salt .
  3. Stir until crystalized
  4. Add water gradually (Purified)
  5. Add the Colorant
  6. Add the Scent
  7. Add BC-06, AntiBacterial, Bubble enhancer, and Preservatives. Mix well.
  8. Dilute the remaining 150grams Industrial Salt to 300ml water ( get from 11.6 liters of purified water) then mix.
  9. Leave the mixed solution for at least 24 hrs. for clearing time
  10. Then pack into the bottle and sealed

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