How To Make Homemade Liquid Hand Soap

Thanks to Mr. Manolito Antaran (a.k.a. Mannix) for giving me this procedure on how to make liquid hand soap. On this procedure, you can make 14 liters of liquid hand soap so it’s up to you if you want to reduce the amount by 1/2 or 1/4 to test it first. If you think the quality of the finish product is alright, then you can proceed with mass production for selling or for your own consumption. Some of my readers here might ask for the exact chemical ingredients of the procedure but I kind of thought to myself that since those are sold mostly by makers of home made soaps and detergents, they should know it already by mentioning their name for example; anti-bacterial, scent or moisturizer which sounds very generic.

The ingredients mentioned below are also sold by Mannix so if ever you wanted to buy them you can contact him directly here: [email protected]

To make 14 ltrs. of Liquid Hand Soap


1 kg    MC GEL
300g   Indsutrial Salt
30 ml   Colorant
25 ml   Scent
120 ml  Moisturizer
480 ml Bubble Enhancer
25 ml Anti – Bacterial
30 ml Pearlizing Agent




Prepare 12liters of purified water

  1. Mix first  MC Gel with 150grms of  Industrial Salt .
  2. Stir until crystalized
  3. Add water gradually (Purified)
  4. Add the Colorant
  5. Add the Scent
  6. Add Moisturizer, Anti Bacterial
  7. Add Bubble Enhancer, Pearlizing Agent
  8. Leave the mix solution for at least 24 hrs. For clearing time
  9. Then pack into the bottle and sealed

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