How to Make Banana Peeling Vinegar

banana peelInstead of throwing the banana peels in the garbage can, you can turn it to another product like the banana peeling vinegar. Looks easy to make and I haven’t seen this in the market yet so maybe you can start producing this if you wanted to start a vinegar making business.


1 kg banana peels
8 cups water
1½ cups sugar
½ teaspoon baker’s yeast
1 cup vinegar starter


measuring cup
measuring spoon
chopping board
wide-mouthed glass jars


  1. Slice a kilo of banana peel, add 4 cups water, then boil.
  2. Extract the juice of banana peel, decant and filter through cheesecloth.
  3. Add 4 cups water, 1 ½ cup sugar and pasteurize for 10 – 15 minutes at 60 -65ºC.
  4. Transfer into sterilized container, half-filled.
  5. Cool, then add ½ tsp baker’s yeast for every 8 cup mixture. Allow to ferment for 7-8 days.
  6. Decant/siphon to separate sediments (dead yeast).
  7. Add 1 c of vinegar starter for every 4 cup liquid. Cover with clean cloth/paper.
  8. Allow to ferment at room temperature for 2-3 weeks or until a sour odor of vinegar is attained. Decant to separate the sediments.
  9. Fill container to full capacity. Age for a month to produce quality vinegar.
  10. Pasteurize at 60ºC for 5 minutes. Filter, bottle, seal tightly, label and store.