How to Make Hand Sanitizer

Another home business I have here is how to make hand sanitizer. The procedure I got is from Swiss Fragrances featured in Kabuhayang Swak na Swak. Some of the ingredients mentioned in the video was not clear enough for instance the gel solution. What is the gel solution? I really don’t know so if you wanted to know more about it or where to buy the ingredients, just contact the company.

So what are the ingredients? You will need:

15% Gel Solution
75% Deo-Ethyl Alcohol
0.1% Triclosan (antibacterial)
1% Aloe Vera Extract
9.9% Purified Water
0.1% Triethanolamine
0.4% Fragrance Oil
0.5% PolyKleer


A beaker and stirring rod
A large syringe without needles
Containers for the hand sanitizers (e.g. plastic bottles or plastic tubes)


First mix the gel solution with the deodorized ethyl alcohol. You have to mix it thoroughly then add the Triclosan. Then add the moisturizing agent which is the aloe vera extract and stirring it constantly. When pouring the ingredients one by one, you have to stir it constantly the add the purified water. After the water add the triethanolamine, fragrance oil and polykleer. Then transfer the mixture to containers using the syringe.

To see the actual process watch the video after this jump…