How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil Chocolate Candy

VCO chocolateVirgin coconut oil chocolate? this sounds new and by the sound of it makes you think how it is made. A healthy chocolate for chocoholics since we already know the health benefits of chocolates and especially the VCO. To those who hate the VCO taste, this time you will definitely love it. Again, I had a chance to watch Kabuhyang Swak na Swak and they have featured the process of how simple it is made. Thanks to Carica for sharing it to us and of course the program KSNS (Kabuhyang Swak na Swak) for bringing those livelihood programs to our homes.

These are the things you need:

  • For every 1 Kilogram of milk chocolate block
  • You need 250 ml of VCO ( Virgin Coconut Oil )
  • a Double boiler
  • a Spatula
  • Of course, a Stove
  • Mould for the chocolates

How to make the chocolate candy:

First you need to slice the large chocolate bar to pieces in order to fit into the boiler. But I think if you could purchase chocolates that are already in small pieces there is no need. Melt the chocolate in the double boiler until all the chocolates are dissolved. Stir constantly with a spatula.

Then pour the VCO and mix with a spatula. Stir until it becomes smooth in consistency and the chocolate and oil has blended very well. Then get the mould and pour the chocolate until each of the mould cavity have been filled and cool until it is ready to chill in the refrigerator. Now, after the chocolates has hardened, remove from the mould and wrap individually with gold foil wrapper or cup shaped wax paper. Now you can sell them or give them as gifts.

There varieties of chocolate blocks you can use and will depend on who will eat them:

  • Bitter sweet chocolate – has liquior and only adults will appreciate.
  • Milk chocolate – For kids or to those mentally retarded adults ( just kidding), has no liquor
  • White chocolate – has no liquor and mainly used for decor
  • Baker’s or Compound chocolate – the cheapest and readily available. Excellent for tropical countries or for hot weather areas.