How to Improve Leadership Abilities

leadership abilities
An essential characteristic of leadership or, for that matter, of any endeavor, is the constant striving for improvement. As with motivation, improvement doesn’t just happen; you must make it happen. How can you improve your leadership abilities? The following guidelines will help you:

Put first things first. Do you want to move ahead? You must answer that question first. If your answer is yes, then you must recognize the fact that advancement takes its toll. Advancement requires hard work and personal sacrifice, for many people, the sacrifice is sometimes too great. Know where you want to go and then prepare to sacrifice personal desires to get there. If you’re married, prepare your family for sacrifices, also. They, too, will spend long, lonely hours during the fight uphill.

Of course, relaxing activities don’t have to be given up completely; but you must be perfectly honest and ask yourself whether recreation or hard work for advancement will give you the greater reward. The possibilities for accomplishment are almost limit- less-if you’re willing to pay the price.

Be willing to accept additional responsibility. Another point you must consider when you’re promoted to a higher position is your willingness to accept the additional responsibilities of the new position. Many persons who seek promotion within an organization are completely unwilling to accept any additional responsibilities. If you’re really interested in moving ahead in your organization, you must be willing to accept the additional responsibilities that accompany each move.

Above all, you must let someone know that you’re willing to accept additional leadership assignments.

Be dissatisfied. Once you come to feel secure and are completely satisfied with your position, forget about moving ahead. Only those managers who are never satisfied, who are constantly seeking improvement in them- selves and their surroundings, succeed in the advancement game. The competition is keen, and your competitor is an individual who isn’t satisfied.

Surround yourself with good people. Good people will usually help you, not hinder you. Don’t ever get fooled into believing that if your subordinates are as good as you are, or better, they’ll replace you. Good employees enhance your growth potential. They keep you on your toes, and make you look good.

Develop your subordinates. You should always have at least one person developed and ready to replace you. How else can you be promoted? It’s human nature for people to try to improve themselves. The truly great leader will help those people who want to progress and provide the company with a capable successor at the same time.

Design a plan for growth. You must have a blueprint, or plan to follow if you’re to now, and you must stick to that blueprint.

Leadership doesn’t just burst suddenly into bloom; it grows one step at a time. Your plan should cover this step-by-step process, and it should contribute to your continuous personal growth.

Source: Industrial Management Course