Who Wants to be a Millionaire Fool?

Are you dreaming of becoming a millionaire? are you hoping that someday you will win that jackpot you’ve been dreaming of? Well if that is that case then I think you want to became a millionaire fool. Why did I say such a harsh word? because having a million pesos or millions of pesos will not make you happy. What makes you happy is what you will do or buy with those millions.

Em I right?

If you have a million pesos today, what will you buy? where will you go? what will you give to your wife and children? What are you going to do with those millions?

Would you go to Boracay with your family? Check in the Manila Hotel with them?

Buy that new car you have been dreaming of?

It doesn’t matter what you will do as long as it makes you happy.

Imagine for a while what will you do and spend with that million. Pause for a while and get a piece of paper. Write down everything that you have imagined.

Woman Writing

Finished? Great!

Now here is what you truly want. It’s not by becoming a millionaire.

What you actually want it what you have written down in that piece of paper.

That is the reason why you are a fool if you simply want to be a millionaire. Because having money should not be your goal.

Instead, your goal should be to achieve your dreams, to have what you really want and to do what you want to do.

So don’t focus entirely on the money, focus on your dreams. Very simple right? not really…….read on.

Man with Dollar Sign on Hand

I want you to meet Rex. He is a hardworking manager and very loyal employee of a company he is working for. His goal in life is to become a millionaire someday. He has a fat salary and does his best making himself the best employee so he could demand a big salary. He saves and does other money making schemes in the expense of that company.

He said to himself, “when I have a million pesos and had my retirement, I’ll start my own business”.

20 years have passed his savings and retirement grew passed a million pesos. He is now a millionaire.

“I have lots of money and I’m now ready to start my own business! But wait………..what business should I go into?”

He now realized he is going to start again from scratch. So he is now scratching his head. 🙂

Man Scratching Head

Another guy I want you to meet is Ken. Like Rex, he want’s to have his own business someday. They are both hardworking and good employee. But unlike Rex, his dream is not to become a millionaire but to have his own business.

“I want to have my own garments factory someday. So I will be my own boss.”

Every time he has a spare time and every weekend he make some research about how to start this business. He ask friends and relatives to gain some knowledge in this kind of business. He also attends seminars on how to run a business about clothing and garments.

After 4 years when he has enough funds he finally decided to put up a shop selling personalized printed T-shirts. He still doesn’t have a million pesos and still working in a company. He let his wife run the business but he is still the brain and does the planning and most of the artwork.

Since setting this kind of business is specialized, his income on this business is not enough to sustain his family. So he can’t quit his job yet. But this is his training ground for more opportunities to come. He is learning a lot about management, inventory, marketing and other important aspect on running a business.

Sewing Machine

He finally had a break after 2 years and quit his job. His business becomes a big supplier of T-shirts to big companies looking for creative designs of t-shirts. Fast forward 3 years he now has a garment factory supplying his own T-shirt printing business. He is now a millionaire but that is not important to him because he has already achieved his dream and became his own boss.

So do you still want to be a millionaire? do you still want to be a fool? In life, you should always have a plan. Even if you are travelling, if you don’t know where are you going to, how will you get there? If you don’t have a map, how will you know where you are heading?

Know what you really want and focus on that goal. Don’t be like Rex, be like Ken. There is a saying from Jim Rohn, “Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” You should learn, learn, learn and learn and develop yourself so you can attract money.