First Purified Bottled Water in The Philippines

Did you now what company manufactured the first bottled water in the Philippines? I didn’t know also until I came across of the video of Go Negosyo Big Time TV show when they interviewed the Mr. Jose Antonio “Che” Soler, the President of Solarex Solerex Water Technology. it started with Solarex Water Technology, a water treatment firm. According to him, since there are no legitimate companies around with regards to bottled water, he decided to put up a small plant.

He invited the members of BFAD as pilot training and from there he registered the plant. His father came up with the name Crystal Clear and little that he know that it became a legitimate business. He also mentioned the types of bottles water like Purified, Spring, Natural and Mineral. There are many things he mentioned during the interview which you can learn something just clicking the Youtube video below:

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