How to Make Liquid Laundry Soap

dishwashing detergentThe liquid laundry soap maybe used in hand or machine washing. That’s why it’s called a laundry soap. In making liquid laundry soap, it is important to thoroughly boil the lye solution so that it will become clean and clear.

In this mixture, the quantity of the ingredients to be used is good for 2 liters of liquid laundry soap.


  Qty (ml) %to total Weight
coconut oil 1000 50
lye solution 560 28
EDTA 5 0.25
water 428-432 21.4 – 21.6
CDEA 1-2 0.5 – 0.1
lemon essential oil 2-5 0.1 – 0.25
Total 2000 ml 100%


  • weighing scale
  • pail
  • basin or a big pail
  • stainless steel container and electric mixer
  • stove
  • thermometer
  • stirrer
  • plastic bottles (to serve as container for the liquid laundry soap)


A. Making the Lye Solution – The proportion of one liter lye concentrate solution is: 45% or 450ml caustic potash and 55% or 550ml water.

1. Weigh the 450ml caustic potash accurately and dissolve this in 550ml water. Mix well in a pail. This is the lye solution.
2. Place the pail with the lye solution on a big pail containing hot water so that the solution becomes slightly warm. This is called the bano de maria. Allow to cool.

B. Making the Soap

1. Mix one liter of coconut oil and 560ml lye solution in the stainless steel container of the electric mixer.
2. When the mixture is already slightly blended, transfer the stainless container to the stove. Continue mixing while the mixture is being boiled or until its temperature reaches 180°F. Switch off the stove to maintain the 180°F temperature.
3. Meanwhile, mix the EDTA with a little water in a separate container. Then add this to the mixture on the stove.
4. Slowly add 428 to 432ml of boiling water to the mixture while stirring it continuously.
5. Continue stirring the mixture for one hour until it becomes clear.
6. Allow 10-15 minutes to pass before adding th CDEA. The CDEA makes the soap produce more suds.
7. Add 2-5ml of lemon fragrance to the liquid soap. Mix well.
8. When all of the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed, switch off the stove and the electric mixer. Remove the stainless steel container from the stove and allow the liquid laundry soap to cool.
9. When cooled, pour the soap into the plastic bottle. Before using the soap, set aside for some time to let the caustic soda lose its effect. The liquid laundry soap is now ready to use.

Source: / TLRC