How long it takes a small business to be profitable for your new business strategies

It is rightly said that if your product and services are well-known in the market, you need not be worried about the profit. Profit can be in terms being it monetary or non- monetary. Every individual wants to become his/her own boss.  After 6 to 7 years of service, the individual wants to leave the corporate world and start doing something of their own. But there always exists a fear in their mind if they will leave the job and the business also incurs certain losses; there will be no source of income. An Individual is said to be a good businessman who is always positive towards risk-taking. Rome was not built in a day so as we cannot expect profit in a day. There are ups and downs in every business.

Business Desk

This is an era of start-ups; there are millions and millions of startup organizations going on. Startup industry includes all types of product and services with lots of option and cashback offers. A small business can be a real estate firm, a restaurant or a hotel, any consulting business, or we can say any business related to the e-commerce platform. The person starting a small business or any business should be patient and aggressive enough. An entrepreneur needs to be adaptable to any situation and have proper knowledge regarding the product and the market trends so that it will help them to sustain the competitive market.

The taste of success and failure in a business

The success and failure are part of every business. Growing up and maintaining consistency is hard. Being as an entrepreneur, you need to focus on certain things like refining a vision and mission and be clear-cut about the strategies planned and work accordingly. Be never disheartened with the failures as this creates a negative impact on your colleagues and subordinate. Understand what exactly your customers want and identify what the target market is. Be specific what constraint you want to enter whether it is a niche market or a generalized market. The person needs to be creative and should be ready with an alternative plan.

Business and digital platform

Now a day’s business is expanding its wing into the digital platform; they have physical stores along with registering their business with respect to mobile website design. It helps to acquire more and more customers. The population wants to get everything at a click and deliver it through online. A small business can be individually owned or can be proprietor firm or an LLP firm. Tactics used by different entrepreneurs to make their business profitable. The following points are mentioned below:

  • Focus more on profit per sale– Sometimes businessman focuses more on the annual profit or bulk profit. Increasing per cost per sale will not only accelerate the profit but also increase the overall turnover valuing your asset.
  • Negotiate with direct cost– A good networking is a must for any business, no matter networking with suppliers and reseller are at most important. Here comes the part of cost-cutting. The better cost and pricing should be decided. The deciding factors should include mutual benefit both for the entrepreneur and the reseller.
  • Avoid Marketing Myopia– Never focus on only making profits or selling the product or services. Be customer oriented and emphasize on customer profile, avoid marketing shortsightedness. Never focus on quantity always adhere yourself to quality.
  • Don’t wait too long for changing the operating procedures– There are different operating procedures for a business. Sometimes certain procedures don’t work, and we keep on prolonging it rather than changing the same. This is not only the waste of money but the waste time.
  • Maintain a stable cash flow– Maximizing the cash flow and retaining is utmost important. It seems to have no value at an earlier stage, but the latter is the best. Cash flow becomes an asset for the firm. How long it takes a small business to be profitable? We cannot estimate a profit in a day or two. Be it a small business or large or long-term business; profits are uncertain. It depends on various factors like the market trends, visibility of the product, inflation and deflation constraint but all together the mentioned points are secondary factors.

When can we expect profit in small business?

The Foremost factor is the entrepreneur’s strategy, what exact profit or return on investment you have set. While expecting a profit, make sure you consider the asset value, the employee’s salary and all other deduction. Sometimes there will be a break-even point as well. If you are honest with your business, trying everything out, profit will automatically attract you. Sometimes we earn a profit, but we don’t consider it as a profitable deal because it is only a small amount, but this should be celebrated. When you plant a seed, immediately it doesn’t turn out to be a plant. You are required to water it every day, and it should receive an adequate amount of sunlight.

Similarly, when you operate a small business every day we need to have a proper investment, then only, we can start receiving profit. Yes, there are certain points you need to take care if profit is your motto. Funding and Financing- If an entrepreneur wants to be profitable, he/ she need to invest more. If, you are going through a rough patch. Search for an investor or an angel investor for funding purpose. A small business breaks down because they cannot sustain up to breakeven point.


It is not only the race of establishing the set-up or small business; it is a rat race and a race of emotions. The dream breaks, you fall: but the hard work pays a day. Success is not achieved in a day; profit takes approximately on an average ranging from 6 months to 3 years that depends on the factors mentioned above. Profit cannot be measured via some tools. The admiration and the motivation shouldn’t be lessening rather; it should be ongoing. The day you lose your confidence, it is the last day of the small business.


Author Bio: Jack Dsouja is a freelance content writer. He has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as Business, SEO and Web Design. He is very responsible for his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.