Do You Think SMS Marketing To Be Apt For Your Business? Time To Find Out

Marketers are primarily talking about mobile as the future of marketing always. You are fully going to acknowledge that customers generally carry smartphones with them whenever they go. So, it is not hard to figure out that mobile devices drive way more traffic to websites than desktops. If that wasn’t enough, mobile owns a greater portion of the current email open rates. Yet, there are so many more mobile marketing channels like the text message or SMS marketing, which are becoming higher underutilized despite the current mobile popularity.

SMS System

With around every customer wielding supercomputer during waking hours, what can actually marketers can do to procure the most out of current mobile technology? What can they perform especially when it is associated with the emerging notion of text message-based marketing? For the answers, it is really important to shed some light on the current SMS marketing and how well organizations can actually add mobile more proactively in the current mix. Some of the reputed experts are here to show and prove their points just to help the future marketers to get a grip over text marketing. For some more help and other advice on church text messaging, you are always invited to log online and go through the ideas well. Things will definitely start working out in your favor in this regard for sure.

Few takeaways for you to consider:

You will learn more about the information in details once you have logged online and gone through the entire podcast or conversation with the pros. However, there are some simple takeaways from the podcast episodes which are designed and presented over here, under the field of SMS marketing. You are cordially invited to go through these points to ensure whether SMS marketing is perfect for your particular business or not.

  • SMS comprises the open rate of around 98% and with a conversion rate of around 45%:

Well, numbers will never lie. Brands, which are running programs actively on the SMS channel, are highly aware of the current open rate. That is going to be driven by the ROI coming back from that said channel. It is hard for any email marketing campaign to actually check on an open rate, which is near 98%. In the same manner, with all factors and the algorithms which will affect which social media messages are thoroughly seen, you can always bet that none of the social messages will ever be read by that stated 98% of all the social media based followers and fans. It will definitely make SMS quite special for you to consider as of now. This growth is here to stay and will ensure that you get the most profits available over here.

  • Around 90% of messages are opened within the initial 3 minutes of receiving them:

Are you planning to send an important message through the art of SMS? You can do that now with ease, especially after knowing that around 90% of texts are opened within the initial 3 minutes of receiving them. It means that MS marketing is noted to be a highly disruptive channel with a huge positive disruption for the brand and even for the end user.  Retailers are mainly checking on impressive ROI from the current text messages, which will certainly result in quick opens and even direct responses from the consumers in the short order.

  • Millennials are mainly keen to get engaged with companies through the field of mobile messaging:

According to some of the SMS experts, millennial consumers are quite aware of the field of marketing and the area of being marketed to. He clearly points out that they know what kind of information they are looking for and they want. They are further going to gain access in the most organic manner possible. This is practically a way of giving the younger customers the best opportunity to just converse back and then forthwith brand on the channel, which is going to be easier for them all. It is known as mobile. That is what best for them as they are always using it.

These types of mobile interactions might take the form of MMS and SMS, or even in the methods of in-app messages and push notifications. Whenever it is about mobile, you will have loads of options to choose from. According to the experts, mobile messaging is a strong channel for bringing the users back into the app. At the same time, companies are also communicating well with customers through Whatsapp, Facebook chat and some of the other shorter forms of mobile methods. These ways are testament on how users are expected to interact with any brand.

  • For any brilliant SMS program, you have to think in a useful manner and not quite promotional:

There are some proven use cases and stronger capabilities through the art of texting channel. Marketers have already found out some success with such channels. But, there is always a huge breadth in use cases and capabilities. For that complete successful SMS program, you need to think about it more than just the concept of marketing.

Without just sending any promotional text, you are always encouraged to think just out of the box. Are you looking for SMS message whenever the table is ready at the restaurant? Do you want to get a SMS when the Uber driver has just arrived? Are you looking for any MS when the package has already shipped? These are some of the one-time messages, which are quite valuable for the user and even for the brand to know.

  • Disruption of SMS making it little dangerous and valuable at the same time:

The simple fact that SMSs are disruptive is what makes them completely useful and unique. They have the power to pull customers away from their work and demand attention towards brand. This is what helps in positioning the channel for brand’s specified mobile movement.

Going through these points will help you understand the value of SMS marketing even more. go through all the points and understand them in details before final implementation.

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