Utube, Yotube, Yutube, Yu tube, Youtude Videos Misspellings?

Have you read or heard of these words: Utube, Yotube, Yutube, Yu tube, Youtude videos? those words at first glance looks like a derivative of the word “Youtube”. If that is what you think, then maybe you are right because when you type these words on Google search, the first website on the search list is Youtube. I don’t want to make my own judgment that those words are misspellings because those words originate in different countries. Who knows, maybe those are correct spellings depending¬† on the country where the search terms originate. Also, these keywords can be a good opportunity for keyword hijacking if you want your site to have many visitors because those keywords have a lot of traffic.

But just beware that keyword hijacking is not a good practice if your intention is just to have all kinds of traffic under the sun but not suited to your site’s theme or niche. It might do you more harm than good. For example, if you have a website about the latest gadgets and most the visitors that came to your site were looking for the latest celebrity gossips, then I think those visitors will be turned off and never visit your site again. Also, you are lucky if the visitor will read even the first paragraph of your post and not leave is a split second.

So below is a graph for the keywords Utube, Yotube, Yutube, Yu tube, Youtude:

And with regards to the country where the keywords originates, below are the details:

#1 – For the keyword: Utube


#2-For the keyword: Yotube


#3-For the keyword: Youtude


#4- For the keyword: Yu tube and Yutube – unlike the one word Yutube, the keyword “Yu Tube” although the same as Yutube¬† originates from different set of countries.