Success Story of GoodAh!!! Restaurant

goodah_mascotHeard about a 25 hour service restaurant? I’m not sure if I remember it correctly but when I was in my younger years I think I for once I tried to eat on that restaurant but I don’t remember that it has a 25 hour service. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, I think it was only marketing gimmick to tell people that their service is worth more than just 24 hours in a day. As you can read on the title of this post, the restaurant is named Goodah!!! But, have you thought that this restaurant have it’s original owners or founders till the present time? The answer is no. Since it went to difficult times, the owner was forced to sell it and it was said that only brand name has set a strong positive impact on people’s mind. In fact, there was a movie titled GoodAh!!! by the famous trio comedian Tito, Vic and Joey.

The company was sold to Mr. Jose Antonio “Che” Soler, President of Del Sol Foods Inc. and despite that his existing business is not related to food chains, he invested on a restaurant called GoodAh!!! that popularized the hot and quickly served Filipino food to a new level like goto and arroz caldo (ox tripe gruel and chicken gruel), silog (fried rice and fried egg) and Tapsilog (beef tapa with fried rice and fried egg).

What is interesting about this restaurant is how it was revived: changing the things that didn’t work and enhancing those that worked. The system of store operation was alright but on the franching level, the restaurant doesn’t have a system at all. So Mr. Soler focused on improving the franchising network and turns out that it was the vehicle to make it big. And one more thing as Mr. Soler pointed out, that they have to do everything in stride (or step by step). Still, there are problems that he should encounter like for example, he can build as many outlets as he can but how will he manage them if they are all already operational? where will he get all the supplies needed for all his restaurants? I’m  sure that company has already solved those problems because now there are already many franchises of his fast food chain.

So based on the story above we can conclude that even a very good business brand will need a good system to make it successful.